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The thinking behind this site is best explained on our original pages @

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...all over again!

Once we get the CSS sorted out on wikiGong Sounds, we'll have uniform menu behaviors across the site. But until then, here's a quick jump point to our latest news.

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We've just overhauled our blog and wiki pages and started on wikiGong Sounds. You'll encounter some formatting oddities until we get all the CSS overhauled. Meanwhile, please contact us before your patience runs out to advise us of any intolerable format or link problem.

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The wikiGong Wiki pages are our project space. The results of past and current investigations are posted here, along with ideas and plans. We've recently organized documents from our investigations into organized "travelogues" with links to content in our wikiGong Sounds files. Hopefully this will make things easy to find and reuse. See the Project Posts section on our home page.

There have been issues with vandalbots on the wiki so please contact us if you’d like login access in order to upload files and jump into projects.